The exhibition will showcase Philatelic and Numismatic collections of eminent Philatelists and Numismatists, as well as youth, school children of the twin districts.

This exhibition will have two sections viz., Invitee Section and Competitive section. The exhibits will be judged as per the rules and regulations described hereunder. The organizers of TULUNADPEX 2017 reserve the right to add, alter and/or amend the Rules & Regulations, if necessary. The decision of the organizers of TULUNADPEX 2017 on all matters is final and binding on the participants.

SPECIAL COVERS: Special covers will be released on both days of Exhibition.

OTHER INFORMATION: Besides the Philatelic and Numismatic displays, the Organizing committee at its discretion will organize various competitions such as Philatelic and Numismatic Quiz, Design a poster and Collage during the days of the Exhibition.