The club meets every third Saturday for the monthly meetings. Eminent philatelists or numismatists delivery talks and handles interactive sessions with the members on topics related to stamps or coin collection. Often members or speakers exhibit their collection encouraging visual learning and to also foster interests into young minds. The talks and exhibitions have always inspired the listeners and have been a learning experience, creating interest into various fields that most were unaware of earlier. More than 100+ members participate in the monthly club activities, although the numbers vary every month due to the fluctuating student crowd. The club maintains a Stamp Bank as an exchange point for members to “Take what you don’t have and give away what you want others to have”.

Every year, in the month of April or May, the club conducts Summer Exhibition and Workshop to provide opportunities for the members to exhibit their collection, receive feedback and ideas to improve their collection and to promote awareness about stamps and coins to the local crowd. Budding philatelists and numismatics have special sessions on the same day to give them an insight on how to start a new collection, maintain and expand the same. They also have an opportunity to interact and share with well-renowned collectors from across the state. The club’s first Summer Exhibition was conducted on May 14, 2016, at Malaka Manipal Medical College, Manipal Campus.

A workshop on ‘Preparing the Ideal Exhibit’ was conducted in the month of December 2016 to teach the members on how to prepare good exhibits and to provide guidelines and tips to compete in district-level philatelic and numismatic exhibitions.